Bird Study Field Trip

27 01 2015

The students have worked on bird identification and really enjoyed our field trip to see some birds up close. school inventory wesselman trip 2014 090 school inventory wesselman trip 2014 100 school inventory wesselman trip 2014 111


Learning can be MESSY!

23 10 2014

Many things we do at the school are just normal school work but there are lots of days we incorporate hands-on learning. Mixing cornstarch and water may be messy but it is fun and the children learn at the same time. school year 14 15 020

Beginning Our Third Year

1 08 2014

In the midst of all the confusion and mess there is still time to pause and say, “Look where we are now!” Three years ago what seemed like a far off dream became a reality. The school began with just a hope and promise of good things to come. A new student enrolled today, board meeting last night went really well, books are ordered and waiting to be organized, and school begins on Monday, August 11. Time to smile because it has been an awesome journey so far!

Every Child Can Succeed!

12 05 2014



The Education Center is a nontraditional private school serving students who desire or require a different type of educational setting such as; learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or students who excel that need enriched learning opportunities. We are currently located in the Oasis Assembly of God Church in Princeton, Indiana. They graciously have provided a space for our school in the lovely children’s church area. We are a nontraditional school in many ways. Students have required work every day and also enjoy time during the day to follow their own interests. We received our nonprofit status in November of 2013. Although we are a small school the children who attend achieve big things!

2014-During Testing Time this is something to remember!

25 02 2014

Hands On Learning

25 02 2014

We are finally beginning to see progress in establishing hands on learning for the students. We now have a math center, science center, and an art center where students can explore. Each center has many different activities. The school is still in its infancy but we are pressing on to be more everyday! 2014 jan feb 024

Travel in the past

30 12 2013

Travel in the past

The students LOVED the up close and personal look at the caboose!