Native American Days

27 09 2013

Native American Days

Learning some interesting things during the Native American Days at Angel Mounds.


Native American Plank Houses

26 09 2013

Native American Plank Houses

Studying Native American dwellings throughout the United States. This is our version of the plank house.

Enrollment still open

15 09 2013

The Education Center still has open enrollment at this time. School is going full speed ahead but we still have room for more students and their parents who are willing to think outside the box for a different kind of school adventure.

Library Visit

12 09 2013

Recently we went to the library and the students picked out some books. When we left we had planned to go to the park. The children seemed disappointed and when asked why they all said, “We want to read our books not play.” Oh how a teacher’s heart can skip a beat!! ~one happy teacher~

Wonderful Donations!

3 09 2013

We are so excited to be the recipients of some donations already this year! We have received fourth grade level reading books. (Just what we needed!) We also¬† received a book binder and this will be so awesome as soon as we figure out how to use it! Then in a surprise visit last week someone brought us lunch from a local taco restaurant. So we are standing amazed at the generosity of those around us.¬† The excitement in the students was fun to see. We have some little authors who can’t wait to “publish” a book!


1 09 2013