The New School Year is Almost Here!

23 07 2013

The second year of The Education Center is about to begin and the excitement is growing! Lots of work being done to the school room so students can maximize their learning. We are extremely excited to have a new student computer! This computer was purchased after  our last fundraiser of the year with lots of help from people outside the school. Students will now be able to have computer time every week! We will also have a 32″ Flat Screen Monitor for projection when we use the computer to study different topics. Last year we all just crowded around a small lap top to watch Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, “I Have a Dream”. Every step we take may seem small but we are still marching forward with our dream of a nontraditional inclusion school where children can succeed at their own pace!


Planning For Next Year

1 07 2013

School may be dismissed for the summer but lots of work and preparations are being made for the fall. Our end of the year fundraisers went very well so we will be purchasing a new computer! So exciting! The Agility Club of Evansville hosted another Dog Agility Fun Match and the dogs were awesome. We say thank you for all their hard work to help us out.