Every Child Can Succeed!

1 01 2013

Children at school

The year 2012 isĀ  over and it is a time of reflection along with a victory
dance for how it has ended! The Education Center has seven precious and unique
children in our school. It is so exciting to see how well all of them are
progressing and thriving in this new school environment. The children posed for
this picture on a beautiful fall day. We are so proud of each one and their
accomplishments. We can only imagine all the great things that are ahead for us
in 2013. The plan to have our own location has not changed but so far we have
not found anything that would work out. We also hope to recieve our nonprofit
status before the fall. So many things that need to be done yet so many things
to be thankful for that it is just not possible to be discouraged. Only hopeful!
It is our desire to see the school grow and more children have an opportunity to
recieve the attention they need at a level where they can succeed! Our motto
stands true. Every Child Can Succeed!