Huge Fundraiser Event!

22 10 2012

On October 13 we had our huge fundraiser event for the school. We had so many people who volunteered their time for the many things that had to be done in a short amount of time. It was humbling and heartwarming to see everyone work together to get things set up for the next day. Then the day of the event there were many more volunteers. To say thank you just doesn’t seem like enough. We are so thankful for everyone who worked so hard for the benefit of the children!

A big thank you to the Agility Club of Evansville for doing all the work to prepare for the Dog Agility Fun Match. This helped make the day such a big success! They were very generous with their time and money to go toward the school. The dogs were awesome to watch as they went through the agility course. Everyone enjoyed seeing the dogs do what they love to do. Some barking the whole way!

The Flea Market did not have the traffic throughout the day that we had hoped for but the vendors were gracious and many said they would come back if we had another event next year.

Another success for the day was the concession stand and all the volunteers who worked so hard feeding everyone!

Then to top off a great day we enjoyed the local band Hard Sunday! One of the best moments of the day was when one student played the drums while his Dad sang a song. Lots of cheers and a few tears also!

Thanks to all who came and supported our school and helped us raise some much-needed funds to keep the school going!



7 10 2012

So excited to get our t-shirts! Wearing them with pride at our school! Click on the picture to see the full logo.Image