Every Child Can Succeed!

12 05 2014



The Education Center is a nontraditional private school serving students who desire or require a different type of educational setting such as; learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or students who excel that need enriched learning opportunities. We are currently located in the Oasis Assembly of God Church in Princeton, Indiana. They graciously have provided a space for our school in the lovely children’s church area. We are a nontraditional school in many ways. Students have required work every day and also enjoy time during the day to follow their own interests. We received our nonprofit status in November of 2013. Although we are a small school the children who attend achieve big things!


Adventures Every Day

14 03 2017

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School year 2016/17

14 03 2017

Today is catch up day for the web site! Busy times at the school have kept us from updating but here goes….

The school is almost to the end of the fifth year of operation! It has been an amazing journey. Each year has presented challenges to overcome or push through. This year has been a wonderful example of how changes can be a good thing. We now go to school from 8 a.m.- 2 p.m. We have a limited enrollment with the teacher to student ratio of 1:6. This has allowed for more outings and with a waiting list already for next year we are looking to expand.

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Spring Trip to the Azalea Path

28 04 2016

Every year we take the students to a local park. The Azalea Path Botanical Garden and Arboretum is an absolutely beautiful place to go and enjoy the outdoors. We took some time and did some journaling while we were there. The students drew pictures and wrote about what they saw. It was a wonderful day!

Open House Winter 2015

8 03 2016

Open House 004Open House 005Open House 008

Promoting the School

14 07 2015

The Gibson County Fair just ended but what a fun week we had promoting the school to the community! Always fun to talk to people and to tell them about our adventure we call The Education Center. fair me pic

Field Trip to local Azalea Path

13 05 2015

school pics 2014 2015 second semester 087school pics 2014 2015 second semester 059

Every year the students visit this absolutely gorgeous place! This year it was a wonderful day and the students had a wonderful time.

Saturday School Adventure

15 02 2015

We finished our bird study with an awesome field trip to do some bird watching. The day was COLD and snow was blowing but what a fun time the students had driving some back roads to get some birding done. The adventure began with us sighting some blue herons then we saw many other wonderful birds along with an eagle’s nest before the morning was over. Although it was cold and windy the students weren’t afraid to get out those binoculars and stand in the cold to take a look at all the birds we saw. A few also took time to taste the snow coming down. bird watching 2015 080